Monday, May 27, 2013

Oiselle, Picky Bars and Nuun NYC Fun Run!

Chances are that you're going to run on Saturday, June 1, so why not do it with all your friends, three awesome companies and the chance to try samples and win prizes?! No thought required- just get your FREE ticket (below) and show up with running shoes!

WHO: EVERYONE IS INVITED! You don't have to wear Oiselle (yet!), drink Nuun (yet!) or eat Picky Bars (yet!) but fair warning- there's a very high chance that you'll want to after this event! Men, women, friends of friends, significant others...EVERYONE is invited! All paces welcome! 

WHAT: A fun run that Jocelyn and Meggie have organized with Oiselle, Nuun and Picky Bars. Options for 4 and 8 mile runs.
WHERE: The run will leave from the Greatist Headquarters located at 18 W 27th St, 8th Floor
WHEN: Saturday, June 1 at 8:30am
WHY: Because these are the three best up-and-coming companies for looking awesome (Oiselle!) with great nutrition (Picky Bars!) and staying well hydrated (Nuun!). A runner's dream!
HOW: Get your FREE tickets here

Any questions: Ask me and I'll try to answer, or contact the brains behind the operation: email Jocelyn at or Tweet her at @jcbonn or Meggie at @MBSthinks

Thanks to Jocelyn & Meggie for organizing and Oiselle, Picky Bars & Nuun for being awesome and providing samples and prizes!
Please spread the word and see you all there!
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Monday, May 20, 2013

RUNNING and what I've been up to

Yikes, it's been a LONG time! While I was sidelined from my stress fracture, I had no motivation to write to let everyone know that I STILL wasn't running. But after 8 weeks of absolutely no running (plus 2 before that of basically no running) I'm BACK TO RUNNING!!!! IT'S THE BEST! I'm still keeping my mileage very low and am only running every other day, but I look forward to my next run for 48 hours and smile the whole way. I'm so happy to be back at it!

Here's a summary of what my last few months have looked like:

  • Cheer for NYC Half
Pre NYC Half brunch. Left to right: Meggie, Allison, Steph, me, Jocelyn.
Photo credit: Allison's husband (I think)

NYC Half Men's lead pack at mile 7

  • Go to DC with Beth, Steph, Kim and Jen for a girl's weekend. Cheer for Cherry Blossom 10M. Have brunch with a bunch of Oiselle girls! 
After the Cherry Blossom Expo in DC. Left to right: Jen, me, Steph,
Beth and Kim

The White House. But if you didn't know that, we should probably talk.
Or, maybe we shouldn't.

Runners on the left, cheerer on the right!
Awesome Oiselle teammates post brunch in DC after everyone race
the Cherry Blossom 10 mile!

  • Fly to Eugene. Meet awesome people. Cheer for Eugene Marathon. Drink beer. 

Somewhere over Utah

Large portion of the Oiselle team at the Eugene Marathon expo!

    Best cheer squad ever! Photo credit: Oiselle Facebook Page

    SO. MUCH. FUN. Photo credit: Oiselle Facebook Page

    Oiselle team at Ninkasi after party! Photo credit: Derek Delancey
      • RUN a mile!!!!! Best mile ever! Smile the whole time!
      • Cheer for the NJ Half Marathon and run part of it with Beth while she scored a kick ass PR! 
      Beth and me after she killed her half marathon! 5 minute PR!
      Photo credit: Beth's brother

      Oiselle Birds. Left to right: Me, Meggie, Jocelyn. Photo credit: Leticia
      • Attend FitBlogNYC through Fitness Magazine! Listen to great speakers, hang out with awesome friends and do yoga outside in the sun. Thank you to Fitness Magazine for a great day and for all of the amazing goodies! 

      • RUN!!!!
      • Buy lots of Oiselle so I have new comeback clothes! Winonas, Rogas, Mesh tanks!
      Oiselle display at NY Running Company
      • Go to lots of spin & Pedal NYC TRX classes. Attempt to get stronger to stay injury free.
      • Do the Dirty Dozen and try to get a strong core
      • Sign up for all the races
      • Go to runner happy hour. Drink too much.
      So many great runner friends that I've met over the past year!

      First Honey Stinger order as a Hive member! So excited!
      • Attempt Refine again and realize that I'm really out of shape and it's a horrible idea to do it hungover. 
      • Walk a lot
      • RUN!!!!! THE MOST AMAZING RUN EVER!!!!! Yes that's dramatic, no I'm not exaggerating!
      Now you're up to date so let's get back to the running talk in the next post!

      What's your next race? How have you stayed sane during injuries?