Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mini 10k Recap. Aka 2nd Race of the Week! Bad idea!

After being injured and out of running for so long, I knew I needed to get some shorter races on the books. It just so happened that the first 2 races were within three days of each other. I didn't really think anything of it, until Friday- the day before the NYRR Oakley Mini 10k. When I signed up for these races, I wasn't planning to race either one. But then I sort of ended up racing both of them. Not all out, but close to it for my current post-injury running level.

I began questioning my sanity (and intelligence) on Friday. I woke up feeling old and creaky, with a knot in my right calf muscle. My right leg (the one that had the stress fracture) felt off- it didn't hurt at all, I could just tell that the muscles/tendons/everything around the bone were adjusting to running faster again. Or at least that's my non-medical assessment of what was going on! It's also something that I've been feeling for the last few weeks, which the doctor says is normal. But sends me into unjustified paranoia.

I sent Beth about 2930478293 crazy text messages on Friday, about how my leg might fall off, what if I re-injured it, etc. Thanks for amusing me and responding :) One of my messages to her also said that if it hurt at all on Saturday, I was prepared to DNF (did not finish, mom!). Running the Mini 10k was NOT worth re-injuring myself. Since my leg just felt funny, but didn't hurt, I decided I would start the race, and stop immediately if it hurt at all.

Since everything was feeling tight Friday, I decided it was time for some yoga for the first time in months. A 10k is not a long race (but it was going to be my longest distance since February) so I probably should have just rested on Friday, but of course didn't. I also had an engagement party to go to Friday night and wore heels. And drank. These do not make for an easy race morning! So when my alarm went off Saturday morning, after tossing and turning all night long, all I wanted to do was turn over for a few more hours of sleep. I finally got myself out of bed, forced myself to eat something and headed down to Columbus Circle to take this Oiselle Team photo!

Thank you Amanda and Lisa for looking more awake than me!
And thanks for the picture, Lisa!

The race started at 8am. This was the least crowded NYRR race I've ever run so  I got into my corral just a few minutes before the start and was ready to go! After some speakers, we were off!

From the first few steps, I knew it was going to be a long race. My legs and body were tired and it took me several miles (maybe 6!) to get into it mentally. It also got really humid super fast. And, the HILLS! I haven't run a Central Park loop in months and have only run the Harlem Hills once since February, and at a much slower pace. I took the hills way too fast and crashed and burned a bit on the flat part (the last 3 miles).

Around mile 2, I saw Jen cheering- thanks for being out there and for the picture below! Also, thanks to Jess for cheering around mile 4!

Photo credit: Jen

I absolutely positive split this race. Whoops. But at the end of the day, all I really care about is that my leg felt great the whole time!

Mile 1: 7:43
Mile 2: 7:37
Mile 3: 7:26
Mile 4: 7:54 (aka this is where I wanted to quit)
Mile 5: 7:44
Mile 6: 7:47
0.2: 6:58 pace

Official time: 48:15

While this was my second slowest 10k ever (my slowest is 48:16!) it has actually given me a lot of confidence for Fall racing. I'm really happy that I was able to run this time after only five (very low mileage) weeks of running post-injury, after another race just a few days before, and when my longest run in months had only been 4.8 miles. This gives me hope that twice the distance and 10 seconds faster per mile, on a flat or downhill course, might be possible in the Fall! Aka sub 1:40 half marathon. Dream big!

Post Race with Robin, Lisa, Amanda and me!
Photo from Lisa's phone. Not sure who took it!

Next up, Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll Half in September!

Did you run the Oakley Mini 10k this year? What the heck is the name of it now?! What did you think of it? When's your next race?


  1. Beth @RxBethOnTheRunJune 11, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    I love this! Dream Big! Our mantra for 2013. I'm so happy you are wearing that singlet again. It's so great to have you back. And, HELLO, all 7's and a SIX? Amazing after being injured. Well, really amazing in general ;) Sub-1:40 is yours...I JUST KNOW IT! Believe in yourself! Until then, I BELIEVE IN YOU! Great race! So proud of you. I hate 10K's.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!! So glad we could share the day and race together! Can't wait to do it again at Wineglass where we both come away with big PRs!!! :)

      I'll teach you to love 10k's!

      DreamBig2013. Aka you run a marathon :)

  2. #dreambig2013!! Loved, loved, loved seeing you on the race course on Saturday, especially after your smiling face has helped cheer me through so many races now! Also, hi there, hidden awesome leg muscle ;)

    1. Thank you, Jen! And thanks so much for cheering!! When I remembered that you were going to be out there I got so excited and then it was all about finding you! And thanks for the crazy pic :)

  3. Yay to your healthy leg and everything else. Enjoy your trip and, even more, being able to come back stronger than ever. You're amazing--your attitude, your fortitude, and your all around ability to live life as fully as you can. Appreciate and respect you!

    1. You are too kind! Thank you, Allison! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming races once you're back out there! You also will come back even stronger and even more excited to run! It ALMOST makes injuries worth it......almost :) You're amazing, can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the year!

  4. Ummm AMAZING! You look like you're having so much fun in that picture, too! Glad that your leg is on the up & up... you are going to rock this fall!

    1. Thank you, Danielle! And congrats to you on your awesome race, too!! How about we're both going to rock this fall?!

  5. Great job! I think I saw you in the corral!! I also noticed the race wasn't crowded, I wonder why!