Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm the worst "blogger" ever!

Can I even call myself a blogger anymore? Probably not, but that's okay. I've been busy designing hundreds of wedding invitations that will never get used, spending COUNTLESS hours on Pinterest and playing Candy Crush. Just ignore that last bit of info.

Here I am three weeks post-Wineglass Half and I haven't written a recap. But I have booked a wedding venue, a date and florist! That counts, right?! Wineglass Half recap is likely NEVER to come so here's the quick version:

- awesome girls trip!
- minus the 7 hour car ride to Corning, NY
- I hit my initial goal for this race (sub 1:40- I ran 1:39:25)
- I was upset I didn't run faster. If it hadn't been as humid I think I could have run 1:37-1:38.
- I felt great during the race, despite not being able to take a deep breath because the air was SATURATED
- my dad followed along on his bike for most of the way and it was super cute.
- I ran my first half without a shirt on, and I'm super glad I did because did I mention, HOLY HUMIDITY???
- sitting in the car for 4 hours after a race without stretching much is a bad idea. And I'm still recovering from that bad idea.
- Corning, NY is a super cute town. I was born near there and I know that town was NOT cute back in the 80s so it was fun to see.
- I would not call this race downhill. It was flat, at best. There were actually more little hills than I was expecting.
- I want to run this race again. Soon. Maybe next year

Picture recap since my recap above pretty much sucked.

So now that we have that out of the way (kind of)....     
Ever since I found out that I didn't get into Boston, I've been trying to find a Spring marathon that excites me and is at least somewhat convenient. I went through REALLY ridiculous thoughts (yesterday) like: 
-go to DC Friday
-run marathon Saturday
-catch train back to NYC 1.5 hours after I (hopefully) finish
-go to a wedding at 4:30pm 
-dance all night. 

Um. I didn't even bother mentioning that one to Anthony. I also thought:
-fly from Baltimore (where I'll be) to Phoenix Friday
-run marathon Saturday
-fly back to Baltimore by Sunday afternoon to hear Anthony perform. 

That sounds awful too. All of the fun sounding Spring marathons are at times that don't work for me. Or at a time that would only add stress to an already tough 26.2. I want to be able to enjoy the marathon AND post marathon!

Last summer, Anthony, my mom, her boyfriend and I went to Ottawa.  It's only 1.5 hours from my mom's house (in the middle of nowhere), and in June, it was really chilly. After falling in love with the city, I immediately looked up Ottawa races. I mentioned the marathon/half to Anthony back in June, put it on my list of things to-do and EVEN put "Ottawa Marathon if no Boston??" But when it came to searching for a Spring marathon that I WANTED to run, I disregarded Ottawa because FindMyMarathon.com says to add a ton of time for weather. It's certainly possible that the weather will suck in late May. But if it's like last year, it's also certainly possible that the weather will be perfect. And yes, I'll probably be converting kilometers to miles the whole time, but I like math.

The Ottawa Marathon has me excited again. My mom, her boyfriend and Anthony are all available to come cheer (or run, Anthony?!) and we can make a weekend out of it. I won't be rushed trying to get to/from the race.  Part of my goal in finding a race was also something that wouldn't cost a ton, since we're also planning our wedding! We can drive to Ottawa so we don't have to pay for flights and it's Memorial Day weekend so I don't have to take off of work. And, another bonus- it's flat! 

If I'm going to spend 3-4 months training for something, it BETTER be something I'm excited about. And since it's not Boston in 2014 for me, it's OTTAWA, May 25, 2014!

OTTAWA MARATHON, HERE I COME!........right after I renew my passport!

Who else wants in on the Ottawa Marathon?! JOIN ME!!! Have you run the Ottawa Marathon? Thoughts?


  1. Hmm...I'm tempted!!!

  2. I wish you would blog more!!!

    Anyway, Ottawa sounds great, I'm glad you found something that works for you in all aspects!!!

    1. I know, I'm the worst! Will try to blog more..maybe once I start training for Ottawa!

  3. It won't be so bad, Ottawa in May? I'm sure at the worse, it will be like here in November for the NYC marathon ;) How many miles are you running a week these days?

    1. That's what I figure/hope! When I've gone to visit my mom up near there in the Spring/Summer, it's never too hot.

      Just running about 10-15 miles a week right now while dealing with a quad issue but hoping to get back to 25-30 soon! How's running going for you??

  4. Abby! I'm so glad I finally caught this. Let me know if you do wineglass next year, it might tempt me to sign up again! Sorry I was so busy at the expo! I really wanted to catch up! I'm excited to read about your marathon journey!