Monday, May 21, 2012


While waiting for the subway on my way home from a Girls on the Run volunteer info session tonight (more on that below), I genuinely smiled and was happy, maybe for the first time, about my Brooklyn Half race time.  I ran a PR, I ran my hardest (my legs are still hurting, so I'm taking that as a sign that I gave it everything I had!) and I had a great time.  Yesterday I was grumpy and maybe slightly depressed, but today I realize that whether a PR for you is 1 hour 10 minutes, 1 hour 45 minutes or 2 hours 55 minutes, it's still a great accomplishment!  Doing something better/faster than you've ever done before is amazing and definitely something to be celebrated.  So I apologize for my less than upbeat post yesterday, and hope this one will make up for it!  And, I'm not going to lie, but it also helps that I signed up for the NYRR Queens 10k yesterday....

Lessons I learned from this half: always have another race on the calendar before finishing a big goal race!  Don't expect running a PR to be easy, no matter how big or small the PR is!  But, when you get that PR, be super excited!!

On another note, I'm happy that yesterday I figured out how to make my blog cooler by adding different tabs/pages.  Keep checking back for updates as I have more time to write/navigate blogspot!

I'm happy that I went to a Girls on the Run volunteer info session tonight and learned more about this great organization and how to get involved.  I'm excited to get started and make a difference.

I'm happy that not all of my race photos look like this

And that some of them look like this

I'm happy that I've been trying new things, meeting new people, coming up with new ideas and getting involved in new ways.

I'm happy that I only have to work one more day this week, and that on Wednesday I'm going to have brunch with friends at a time when I'd usually be stuck at my desk.  And I'm happy that I'm going to get a mani/pedi after brunch and count how many black toenails I have.  And I'm happy that on Thursday, I'll be on a plane to Michigan for vacation for a few days and my views will be like this:

Okay, actually, I'm 100% sure that that isn't our room, and that our view won't be like that...but that's our hotel so hopefully our view will be half as nice!

And lastly, and most embarassingly, I'm happy that once I publish this blog post, I'm going to go watch The Bachelorette, even if the guys this season might be a bit questionable.  I almost never admit that I watch this show, but tonight, it's the only thing I want to be doing.  On my couch, in my pjs, icing my legs and eating chocolate, and being happy about my PR and the week ahead of me.

Sometimes all it takes in life to make you happy is a PR and another race to look forward to, or a (trashy?) TV show to watch.  Sometimes it's the little things that matter most.

What made you happy today?


  1. Wait are you from Michigan??

    Watching the Bachelorette now too...makes me happy :)

    1. I'm not from are, right?? Anthony went to high school there so we're going for his reunion/a mini vacation! And I just found out today that the Traverse City marathon is this weekend and that's where we'll be!

    2. Yea I grew up in Ann Arbor. I have never been to Traverse City or to the UP though. I am such a bad Michigander...we always left the state for vacation! It looks nice there though. I'd like to go sometime. Bayshore right? I was supposed to run that the year I got hurt :( It sells out insanely quickly!!

    3. I was in Traverse City once when I was a teenager and it seemed nice but I don't remember much so am excited to see more of the area! Yeah, Bayshore- had never even heard of it before this week but will try to watch some if it! Too bad you couldn't run it- another time!!