Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guess what I did today?!

I RAN! I freakin ran! Without pain! And it was awesome!

I took 11 full days off of running after my last 20 mile run, which caused some pain in my left foot.  I went to the doctor on Monday, and she said she thought it was tendinitis.  So I've been RICE-ing my foot constantly since then.  Finally, yesterday I was walking without pain, so today I finally decided to get out there and try running.

Was I nervous? YES! Was I excited? Yes, but mostly just nervous. I was prepared to turn around after half a block if my foot hurt. I wore different shoes. I re-tied them like 10 times. I wore inserts in them.  I didn't listen to music so I could listen to my body.  (But I did take my Garmin. I'm addicted. Although I didn't look at it much, and didn't adjust my pace based on what it said.)  I ran easy, and I didn't run long, but it was glorious anyway! It was so nice to be back in Central Park, to run along the reservoir and to chick some dudes! I just enjoyed it, and tried not to freak out about every tight muscle or little ache (fortunately there were none in my foot) that I felt along the way.

Taking the last week and a half off of running has given me a chance to rethink running, the Philly marathon and my training.  I definitely need to adjust my plan now since I'm two weeks behind.  And think I'll take out a 20 mile run and/or add another (shorter) long run in before I do 20 miles next time.  I need to find different shoes, or have a pair to alternate my PureCadences with.  I definitely need to keep incorporating cross-training into my plan (which I haven't done in several weeks...eek!) and I just need to focus on getting to the starting line healthy, instead of focusing on a time.  I have been running comfortably, without pushing myself to my max, but mentally I need to focus on being healthy and strong, and hopefully my goal time (still unsure!) will come with that.

I ran today because I wanted to, not because a training plan told me to.  That's the best kind of a run.


  1. CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy you had a great run. My situation sounds similar to yours...I've been having random foot pains on the outside of my foot and my heel. It sounds like tendonitis as well (going to the doctor next week) and I've really been trying to listen to my body and not worry about my pace - I just want to make sure I can stay injury free. I like that you said you didn't listen to music so you could listen to your body, and that you didn't adjust your paces based on what your Garmin said. That's so important when you're struggling with something like this! (At least for me!) It's hard to see my slowing paces and I always freak out about every little pain I feel...but hopefully we will both be ready for Philly!

    1. Thank you! Hope you recover quickly!!! Injuries are the worst- so frustrating and make you (me!) question everything! Hope you're feeling strong and speedy again soon!