Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh hi there!

Oh hi there! Where have I been, you ask? RUNNING (awesome), Cross Training, and shopping. Oh, and working.  I work in a school, and it's time for the Fall semester to begin again, so I've been spending more time there recently.  BUT, back to running!

I've been building my mileage back up; I ran 24.5 miles this week.  Nothing crazy, but it sure beats zero miles!  I've been trying to pick up the pace on my runs recently, since the mileage has been fairly low.  Fortunately, I don't think I lost too much fitness from my weeks off, but have definitely lost mileage.  I'm running the NYRR Bronx 10 mile race next weekend and my goal is to run it at marathon goal pace (8:10-8:25-ish...I think) and then maybe run a few more miles later in the day.  After that race, it's back to long runs for me.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Maybe if I have my perfect shoe by then I'll be more excited but mostly I think I'm just nervous about getting tendinitis again.  And being super sore.  And crashing mentally mid-run.  Anyone want to run long with me September 14/15??

To hopefully keep my foot tendinitis at bay (which has been fine recently!), I've been icing still, and have been much better about cross training the last two weeks. I promise to keep it up!  I love checklists.  Once I made this list, I haven't veered from my plan.  Such a checklist nerd!

On Thursday night, Ashley and I went to the best spin class.  We were looking for somewhere that we could go together before going to cheer for the NYRR NFL run, but didn't want to pay the FlyWheel or SoulCycle prices.  We ended up at a Bally's in midtown.  That's right. Bally's.  And you know what?  The 60 year old teacher who did high kicks and danced nearly the entire class was freaking awesome! She had SO much energy.  I normally get so annoyed when teachers get off their bikes during a class, but with Kim (that's her name), I just laughed and had fun watching her get totally down. Clearly she was not concerned about what anyone thought of her. Although I'm almost certain that everyone thought she totally rocked.  Thursday nights at 6:30pm at the 50th St Bally's. Go. It's awesome. They even have a week free trial.

Shopping. It's what I do best.  Except, apparently, when it comes to running shoes.  I'm currently trying to find the perfect pair of running shoes for me.  I miss my Brooks PureCadence.  I thought we had the perfect relationship, but then they gave me tendinitis.  I'm not giving up on them completely yet, but am trying to find another pair of shoes with more "shoe" for my long runs.  Ya know, a pair that don't make my right foot fall asleep, and that don't give me tendinitis.  Is that so much to ask?!  I went to Super Runner's Shop yesterday, and they recommended the Asics GT-2170s yesterday. But after 2 miles today, my right foot was falling asleep.  Has this ever happened to you?!  This has also happens with my Brooks Adrenaline 11s.  It's not super fun or comfortable, so I guess I'll be returning those shoes and trying something else. I really want these awesome, super pretty shoes, but unfortunately I need stability shoes. Bummer.  Why are stability shoes always the ugliest ones?!

What are your favorite stability running shoes?  What's your favorite cross training class/workout?  How's your training going?! Tell me!


  1. Glad you're getting back to running! I've been major crashing mentally on my runs lately too, but not just the long ones haha.

    Btw, I'm running the Bronx 10miler and want to tack on some miles after (running in the direction of manhattan) if you want to join me.

    I would love to run with you on Sept 14/15 if you don't mind going a little slower. Or maybe I could just jump in a join you for a few miles.

    1. I was thinking of running home from the Bronx 10 mile race, to make it 14 for me for the day. Would love company to navigate :)

      And let's figure out a plan for September 14/15!