Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lite (and Delicious!) Choice!

I was contacted recently by the Social Media Manager for The Lite Choice to see if I'd be interested in trying their product and writing a blog review in return.  Who doesn't love trying different types of ice cream?!  Of course I was up for it and thanks for asking!

Fro-Yo (specifically 16 Handles) has become VERY popular recently.  Everywhere you go, you see someone carrying a 16 Handles cup.  But, has anyone ever JUST gotten the Fro-Yo?  Is it good?  I wouldn't know, because I always pile all of those high calorie treats on top!  I'm glad to know that I now have a healthy alternative (that isn't even fro-yo!) in my neighborhood!  I will definitely think twice next time before I say I want to go to 16 Handles....

On Saturday, I went to The Lite Choice on Broadway, between 95th and 96th streets, which happens to be very close to my apartment.  I went at 1pm, and had only had breakfast to eat, but should have gone with a completely empty stomach.  When I first arrived and was waiting, I was impressed by how clean the store was, the Scoopables (hard ice cream) and how many other options there were.  

Not only did they have both soft serve and hard ice cream (6 flavors of each every day that rotate throughout the week), but also protein shakes, 80+ flavors of soft serve that you can have made on the spot (if your favorite flavor isn't featured that day), smoothies and hot chocolate.  Sold!

And best of all, it's all organic, natural, gluten free, low calorie and low fat!  And no corn syrup.  Recently I've started reading the ingredients for certain products.  EVERYTHING has corn syrup. Except The Lite Choice! 

Everything comes at a price. They did
put me to work serving my own ice 
cream since I told them I'd been to 
16 Handles...

Maybe I found a new career path.  I 
look like a natural.

They might be healthy, but they also
know how to have fun. And the way
to a woman's heart. And wallet.
(But I think they said it was fat free??)

One of the MANY samples that I was given to try!

Their peanut butter products are made from 
pure peanuts (or almonds) from these nifty machines.
No additives.

Oh, you want to know what I tried?  And I thought you just wanted to look at my awesome photography skills. 

I was given the royal treatment by the manager and owner of the store.  They were so friendly and told me a bit about the company, then we began trying the products. SO MANY THINGS TO TRY!  I tried taking notes, but was being handed delicious sample after delicious sample, so I know I left some things out.  You'll just have to go try those products on your own!

Here's the summary of the notes I was able to take, in between stuffing my face:

Peanut butter soft serve (really descriptive....I didn't write anything down about it, but I do remember it being really good!)

Peanut butter- natural.  Chunks of peanuts in it
Coffee- really strong, tastes natural (I'm not a huge coffee fan, but for those of you out there that are- go try this!)
Strawberry- really flavorful, with chunks of real strawberries!

Muscle power- was made with milk, almonds, whey protein powder, a full banana, French Vanilla soft serve.  I think they said this has 28g of protein in it.  It was good, with a nutty/banana taste.  Would definitely get it again, and would be great after a long run.  Should have done that yesterday.....

I tried SO many other products!- fresh almond butter with French vanilla (I think) soft serve and hot fudge, the coffee freeze, banana Any Flavor Anytime Soft Serve.....others I can't remember after I was in a food coma....  But everything that I tried was really flavorful and natural tasting.

AND everything was so good that I didn't even have any toppings (except a little hot fudge). But they do have them if you want them too!

As I said the other day, I'm not a food blogger, so if you're not already drooling over the natural and flavorful options they have there (understandable- I warned you that I don't know how to write about food!) go try them yourself at one of their many locations.  Maybe I'll see you there!  They got me hooked!

They even mailed me my own hat!
If I had been wearing that while scooping
they definitely would have hired me! :)

Have you been to The Lite Choice?  What's your favorite flavor/product?  If you haven't been, why are you still reading?!  Go try something awesome there!


  1. Ooh sounds delicious-I had never heard of this place! Gonna have to test it out!

  2. YUMMMMMMM!!! My favorite flavor at TLC is banana lol I know that's kind of weird but it's just so natural and flavorful. I've had other banana soft serve at places like Tasti-D-Lite and TCBY but they all taste very artificial.

  3. This place looks craaaaaaazy good! I wish I had one near me!! :)

  4. I love The Lite Choice! I go to the one on 72nd St almost daily. My favorite is the coconut with a little dollop of chocolate soft serve on top!