Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 4 marathon training and 16 mile run!

Week 4 of marathon training is now complete! Here's a summary of my runs this week:

Monday- Easy 4 miles, pace 8:51

Wednesday- I was supposed to do the Al Goldstein 5k, but had a little too much fun with a friend Tuesday night, so did a short run on my own instead. 3.3 miles, 8:26 pace

Thursday- Tempo run with Ashley- 2 mile WU, 5 miles around 8:00/pace, 0.6 CD- 7.6 miles, average pace 8:22.  

Saturday- short, easy run- 2.2 miles, 9:33 pace

Sunday- LONG run- 16 miles, 8:58 pace with Carla and Sara.  We met at the start of my run and ran up the West Side to the George Washington bridge.  Let's just say it was complicated to find the entrance onto the bridge.....but once we did, we ran across it to NJ and back.  It was pretty cool!  Here's a picture that Sara took:

We ran back down the west side together for a while, then Sara split off, then Carla (after she finished her 20!).  I still had 5.5 miles to go to get in my 16 so I ended up running down to 100th street, over to Central Park, and around the reservoir 1.5 times.  I wanted to give my legs something nice to run on after streets for 10+ miles.  I think they were happy with me not making them run hills.  

I tried to pick up the pace for miles 12 and 13 to at/near marathon goal pace (still haven't completely decided what that is yet!).  I would have liked to have been able to keep up MGP longer, but since I had never run over 14 miles before, and that was a disaster, I didn't want to bonk before I reached 16 today! Next time! 

This run felt MUCH better than 14- I'm sure it had something a lot to do with running with other people, so thanks for running with me, Carla and Sara!

Here are my (negative!) splits:

I've been wearing my compression socks all afternoon (for the first time after a long run) and took a nap  and my legs are feeling pretty good!  Bring on 18 next weekend!  Who wants to join me?!

How's training going?  Have you run across the George Washington bridge?  Do you have a better way to get onto the bike/walking path than we did?!

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