Friday, June 22, 2012

First time for everything: 3rd female finisher!

Wednesday was a day of mixed emotions.  It went something like this:

*Only worked a half day: happy!
*Went grocery shopping, dropped my phone and it broke: near complete devastation
*It was 90+ degrees outside: not pleased
*The UWS Apple Store didn't have any appointments for Wednesday afternoon/evening: exasperation
*5th Ave Apple Store had a 5:30 appointment: overjoyed
*Ran from Columbus Circle to 5th Ave Apple store to get to appointment on time: Happy to run, not happy to run in 90+ degree weather
*Waited 35 minutes after my appointment time to be helped: annoyed
*Got a free replacement iPhone: completely ecstatic!
*Was the 3rd female finisher in the Prospect Park Al Goldstein Speed Series 5k: shocked and excited!

So Wednesday was the day that I found out that I'm really not sure that I could survive without my iPhone for 6+ hours.  It was a close call, but that's not what this post is about.  After my most pleasant experience at the GeniusBar EVER (it's usually bad news for me), I headed out of the store in search of the Q train.  It was 6:30pm.  You would think that I might know where this is since I've lived in NYC for a total of 6 years, but I didn't.  I walked/ran around for a few minutes trying to find it, and then finally succeeded.  I was trying to get to the third (but my first) Prospect Park Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5k that began at 7pm.  It wasn't looking good for me.  I got off the train at 7:01pm, really had to pee, but saw people still gathered, rather than racing already, so decided to skip the bathrooms.  I saw a few friends and one pointed me in the direction to register quickly.  $5 for a race. In NYC (okay, well it WAS Brooklyn... :) ).  Amazing!  Clearly, this was so NOT like a New York Road Runners race!  I got my bib and then we began walking to the starting line.  I found out after the race that there were 130 people crazy enough to show up to run in 90 degree weather.  Very small, but a great, supportive group of people and it was well organized and efficient!

We lined up along a painted line, someone blew a horn, and we were off.  The course started near the bottom of the hill in Prospect Park, and I could see 3-4 women take off ahead of me.  I looked at my Garmin at the top of the hill and the pace was sub 7.  Usually if this happens, I freak out and slow down.  This time, I went with it.  I thought I might be capable of running a sub-7 pace, but wasn't sure about it with the weather.  But I was feeling okay, not absurdly hot given the temperature, and wanted to see if I could keep it up.  

Mile 1: 6:53 (times are approximate. When I crossed the finish line, my watch was still at 3.04 miles, and the time was 21:31)

During mile 2, I noticed that my mouth was really dry, which I'm sure is not a good sign, but I guess I wasn't too surprised since it was so hot out!  I made sure that everything else felt okay- I wasn't dizzy or lightheaded, I wasn't disoriented, and knew that I had hydrated during the again, I just went with it!  I was running next to a guy during this mile and I said "F, it's hot" and he replied "yeah, it's hard to catch your breath" so what do you think I thought about for the rest of the time? Not being able to catch my breath.  Thanks a lot, dude!

Mile 2: 6:55

Actually, that's not true.  I thought about other things.  I thought about how I really wanted to quit and stop during mile 3.  I thought about how I can't believe that people ran in temperatures near this hot for a whole MARATHON in Boston!!!  (If you finished that race this year, you're my hero!)  I didn't really think about my pace or place at all, but was aware of women that passed me or that I passed.  I knew there weren't too many women ahead of me, but thought probably at least 3 still.  When I neared the finish line, one of the race organizers told me that I was the 3rd female.  Seriously?!  I don't think I've ever even been in the top 30, or 300, females in any other race I've done!  Obviously this was much smaller than most races, but I was still super excited.  I had been struggling, and definitely positive split this course (way to go....) but picked up the pace after that so that no one else would pass me, and finished as 3rd female overall!  Never in my life did I think I would be in the top 3!  AND, this was my first sub-7 minute average pace race ever!  They were both unexpected, so even more appreciated!

Mile 3: 7:20
Final 0.1: 18 seconds

Official time: 21:35, 6:58 pace

Thanks to Leticia for cheering and to all the girls that stayed at the end to watch the little awards ceremony!  And  great job to everybody that ran, especially in that heat!!!

I'm excited to do this speed series again in 3 weeks! Hopefully it'll be at least slightly cooler....


  1. Beth@RxBethOnTheRunJune 22, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    Absolutely AMAZING my friend!!!!!!! So proud of you and totally inspired by your super awesome speediness!!! WAY TO GO!!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I'm sincerely THAT excited for you!

  2. You are awesome and inspirational!!! So amazing! Congrats!! I want to go to the speed series...