Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Running Makes Everything Better

Today was my first day back at work from vacation.  I was in San Diego last week and it was awesome.  But today at work was not awesome.  I had a really busy day, where everyone wants everything from you all at once, and then I found out some really frustrating news.  I was in a terrible mood, really upset and it was pouring outside.  But by the end of this miserable day, I wanted nothing more than to go for a run in the rain.  Sometimes, really rainy runs are my best or the most fun, so I wasn't scared of getting wet!  I put on my raincoat and hat, got my shuffle and headed out the door.  And for the next 40 minutes, I thought about almost nothing.  I couldn't tell you one single song I listened to.  I didn't once think about my not-so-great day at work.  And I was barely paying attention to my pace. Central Park was quiet- I probably didn't see more than 10 people- and it was so nice to get away from everything and just run.  At the end of my run, my mindset was completely different.  I was happy. I was content. And I felt good.

This is why I love running.  Yes, races are fun. Yes, it's great to PR and it's nice to have a goal and something to work towards.  But without all that, I still love running.  Just me and the road.  That's enough.  In fact, tonight it was perfect.

What's your favorite thing about running? 

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  1. I was out there this evening! I needed my run too today!! I felt so much better after :)