Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Heart Summer!

I've been MIA, so here's a quick update on what I've been up to and why I haven't been posting!

There hasn't been much going on, other than some great runs, awesome summer drinking and more planking than usual.  I'm now in week 3 of my self-imposed and self-created Summer Workout Streak and am going strong! And, getting stronger! Actually, my plank for Tuesday didn't happen until after midnight last night (this morning), so I guess technically I didn't do it yesterday, but I'm counting it anyway because I still did plank, push ups and squats after 3 beers.  I'm impressed!

Things I have been doing recently:
-Waking up early and running 9 miles before work with friends (a first for me)!
-Eating out too much. And going to the new, awesome beer garden a few blocks from my apartment. This picture doesn't do it justice.

-Loving my new Brooks PureCadence shoes!
-Plank, push-ups, squats
-Shopping too much.  Waiting for my new Oiselle Roga shorts to arrive today!  Yes, in pink. Can't wait!
-Looking at apartments to buy! Okay, let's be honest.  For my boyfriend to buy.  But I get to help pick the place!
-Loving the awesome "summer" weather.  Until today.
-Sleeping in my incredible bed.  Yesterday afternoon I got in bed for a nap and told my boyfriend that our bed is one of my favorite places in the world.  Sad, or amazing?
-Refining my marathon training plan for Philly in November!
-Hoping that if I think about a goal time for said marathon hard enough that it'll happen.
-Getting excited to try the new Vega Energizing Smoothie!  Review coming soon!

-Getting tan. Today, one arm is peeling.  It's sexy.  Thanks SeaWorld San Diego for only making one side of me tan.  But it was worth it to see this little (okay, huge) guy!  Animals are kind of awesome.

Things I haven't been doing:
-Working very much! YAY!
-Cooking.  Need to do that more.
-Reading.  But now that I have Scott Jurek's new book, autographed and made out to me, I'm excited to start reading!

-Saving money. Why does that always happen in the summer?! So much fun stuff to do! I guess the eating out, not cooking, beer gardening, shopping, etc. might have something to do with it.

What have you been up to?  What are your summer plans?  Have you read Scott Jurek's book?  Do you have your marathon training plan set?


  1. Beth@RxBethOnTheRunJune 20, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    I love so many things about this post!!! Yay for summer...pool, beach, drinking outside, oh my! I love reading your blog, but all said reasons for not blogging much lately are completely justifiable and you are forgiven! While I don't love summer running, I do love summer fun! Every time I read about your Philly marathon plan, I want to sign up for the half! Sooo tempted. Then I can cheer you on after I finish=bonus!!!

  2. Scott Jurek's book is amazing.

    Also I had a dream about orca whales last night. Random.

  3. Ah I can't wait to read Scott Jurek's book! I went to his book signing on Monday night but unfortunately the store sold out of his book :( Bummer. Still planning on reading it though.

    Can't wait to hear about your marathon training schedule! I'm still tweaking mine for Philly. I kind of geek out a little bit when I'm in Excel spreadsheet mode! Kinda-sorta-love it. Total nerd, I know :)